casey reid can’t remember a day in his life without music, and even before the days he remembers, music had him leaping in the womb. casey breathes, thinks and lives music - when the other stuff in life fails to make sense, it’s rhythm and lyrics that continue to bring him comfort and assurance.

the ability to convey emotion and story through the constant complexity of just seven notes constantly blows casey’s mind. through simple acoustics and dynamic melodies, casey hopes to connect with his audience and communicate the greater truth that no matter where you are in life, you aren’t alone. More than anything else, casey wants people to feel loved and valued by listening to his songs.

casey has released two EPs, one way window (2011) and princess (2015) as well as the single, “cold as december” (2013). over the years, he has played drums for several bands including strike 4, men as trees walking and drip. he plays over 10 instruments and has self-produced much of his own music.

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