Verse 1:
Breathe in and breathe out
Tell me what is causing this doubt
In your head

Converse, coincide
Share my intrigue, it's so hard to hide
Cheeks are red


If I were a compass I'd guide your heart home
Your legs must be tired from wandering the great unknown 

If I were a compass I'd point straight and true
To guide my weary soul that's been wandering right to you


Verse 2:
With me you get what you get
That includes all the years of baggage
I've acquired 

Retreat, coagulate
Your fragile heart wasn't meant to break
Like it has every time


Finally for once
I'm thankful for all the pain
It has shaped me to what
I could be to you someday 

I don't have all the answers
So I won't even try
To explain these feelings
I'm having on the inside
I'm having on the inside
Feeling for you on the inside