Courtesy Of Your Pride

Verse 1:
I've seen your type before
You think that you're so smooth

So quick witted with your tongue
You think that you've everyone fooled

So go on living your self-centered life
Hope that it gets you by
When your world starts to crumble around you 

And you so called friends have passed you by
Courtesy of your pride
I hope that you are still happy

Verse 2:
Change your shirt, comb your hair
Now no one is aware of the foolery you've been handing out 

Stab my back, stab me good
But it's ok because I knew you would

Will you still be happy
When your walls begin to fall down
Your pride will bring you down
Pride comes before the fall you know
Who you really are will be shown
Who you really are will be shown

Take it from me
This is not how you want to be living

Take it from me
Cause who you are is who I used to be