Verse 1:
I remember when I was young
My father would say
If someone annoys
You're likely the same way 

And it’s better to do
The right thing than be right
And remember my son
It always takes two to fight


Chorus 1:
Reminiscing over days that are done
A wise father so loving and teaching his son
Do you see who I am now
Do you see how I've grown
All lessons you taught me made it through somehow 


Verse 2:
Even as a child as I am today
Desire a partner
For life
For always 

I've been stricken with love
Broken hearted by dames
They left me with scars
I'll never be the same 

Chorus 2:
Reminiscing over days that are done
A foolish boy following a trail of false love
But look who I am now
But look how I've grown
All the failed attempts and tears I've spent
mistakes of my own