Island Girl

Verse 1:
Was it because I always loved to be near you
The way loved to always be close by your side
Was it the way I always tried to encourage
To be someone in which you could confide

You should have seen it in my eyes
I was sincere
Look into my eyes
I am sincere

I'll see you when I do, my island girl
Enjoy your many travels in this world
I gave all that I had to give
Even though it was short lived
I don't have any regrets at all

Verse 2:
I often wonder if it's from
All the pain that you've been through
You built up walls to protect yourself
I couldn't break through

I never really understood why you ran away
But I said I'd be in your corner
So that is where I stayed

Promised I'd never throw you overboard
I follow through with what I say
Even when you ran away