Crossfit Promo

The Story

Growing up, I was never the kid that was particularly good at sports. I could hang sometimes, and I was definitely better at some sports (baseball) than others (basketball), but I finally gave up on playing sports my sophomore year of high school. I decided to focus more on bringing out the artist in me. It has taken me YEARS to really hewn my craft(s). And though I have made great progress on becoming a better artist, there is always room for growth.

With this pursuit of art through music, photography, and film making, my dedication to exercise and overall fitness went down the drain. This didn't go unnoticed though and over the past few years I have attempted to remedy this by doing P90x (fantastic program, in my opinion, but my current housing isn't conducive to this), joining LA Fitness, and other activities. None of them stuck though.

You see, I'm really good at making excuses and talking myself out of doing things I know are going to suck...such as working out. But I also knew that if I wanted to slim down and be physically fit then something needed to change. So instead of trying to fight my nature of putting things off and making excuses, I decided to look for a way around them.

In order to do this, I first had to identify what excuses and other things were holding me back.

  • I didn't want to have to drive home all sweaty and sticky after working out
  • I didn't really know what kind of stuff to do when I was working out
  • I didn't have anyone to keep me accountable and to push me to finish when I felt like quitting early
  • It wasn't convenient

Directly next door to my apartment, a 30 second walk away, lies East Dallas Crossfit. I knew there were a few specific things I needed in order to follow through with my fitness desires and eliminate my excuses.

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Some sort of trainer/coach/mentor
  • Convenience

For me, East Dallas Crossfit was the solution to all of these things. After being a member for only a couple of months I began to see the benefits of the program and it birthed a new passion inside of me. Crossfit is something that I am very passionate about now. I pitched a barter with the owner to exchange a few months of membership for a promo video. He liked the idea and so we were able to work out a trade that we were both happy with. Here's the video.

The Creation

In the pursuit of further cultivating the artist in me, one of my goals is to personally be responsible for every step of the production process. This is the first piece that I have fully had the opportunity to do this with. Writing the script, shooting the content, editing the video, and writing the music...I did it all. Check out this time-lapse I did of the post production process.