Return To The Pacific Northwest (Prep)

Lake Quinault // Quinault, WA

Driving Into The Rainforest

I had the privilege of traveling to Seattle, Washington in March. One of my good friends, Andy (Jack) Ellis, got a job with Amazon Web Services in August or September of last year which required him to relocate to Seattle. Shortly after Jack moved, our friend Carl Durrenberger got a job in San Francisco. Jack accidentally double booked and Carl and I ended up being in Seattle at the same time. So the three of us, plus Ryan King (one of Jack's co-workers), and Reagan (Jack's dog) took a two night trip out to Olympic National Park and stayed at the Lake Quinault Lodge.

The photo at the top of the page of Lake Quinault was taken on campus at the lodge. We hiked probably 4-6 miles that day through the rainforest while getting lightly rained on. Jack told us about a guy (don't remember his name) that studies sounds. According to this man's research, Olympic National Park is either one of the only places or the only place in the country that you can go and not hear any man made noise. Needless to say, it was an incredible experience.

Beach On The Pacific Ocean // Carl Durrenburger Pictured

We then drove up the west coast and stopped at several of the beaches along the Pacific Ocean. After stopping at a few beaches we decided to drive up to Port Angeles to have dinner. We were just on the other side of the harbor from Victoria, Canada. It was quite a drive, roughly 2 hours, just to get dinner. But the drive along the coast, with the rain coming down and fog rolling across the ocean as we traveled the road curving along its banks, made it more than worth it.

Jack / Port Angeles Inn / Me

Zac At A Restaurant In Pike Place Market

I also had great fun traveling around Seattle to different spots such at Kerry Park, Marshall Park, and Pike Place Market. Two of my friends from college, Zach and Josh Rochek, also drove in form their home town a couple hours away to hang out with me for a few hours.

I could go on an on about all the things I did while I was there but I'll save that for my next post about Seattle because I'm going back at the end of the month for another week. I will be creating some photo and video content for Jack and our friend Jon's new startup called Mmmhmm Coffee which is a popup coffee bar. I will also be creating some Instagram content for Dutch Bike Co.

When I return I will be posting another blog about my trip along with some photos and probably a video from my adventures. Here are a few photos I took of Jack and Jon during my previous visit...and a hip shot (literally, i shot this blind from the hip with the camera upside down and only fired the shutter once) of a street performer at Pike Place Market.

Jack / Anchored Ship Coffee Mug / Jon

Street Performer // Pikes Place Market