Spontaneous Photo Shoot

Last week I was at a wedding reception in Snohomish, Washington. 'll be posting another blog in the next week or so with all the details and such from my trip. At this reception was an awesome couple, Aaron & Abby, that I had just met the day before.

The wedding venue was gorgeous. When I saw the sun painting its golden light across the vast fields of crops that lay between the mountains and me, I promptly asked Aaron & Abby if they'd let me shoot photos of them. I knew the photos would be stellar but I must say that they turned out so much better than I even imagined.

Aaron & Abby met at an Underøath show several years back, one of my all time favorite bands, and got engaged the day after we took these photos. They asked me a few days later to be their wedding photographer. Getting to go back to Washington AND shooting a wedding that I know will be fantastic?? I'd be crazy to say no! So naturally, I said yes, and had secretly been hoping they would ask me to shoot for them.

So I will be headed back to Washington for this couple's wedding towards the end of September. I am so very excited to be a part of this union! Check out the rest of the photos below.